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The BUCC Student Scholarship Appeal has been created to fund Ukrainian students admitted to attend Cambridge, Oxford and other top British universities as undergraduates, but who cannot find the necessary funding because the existing scholarship programs available to Ukrainians are only for graduate school places at universities abroad. Since the Ukrainian currency has so declined in value since 2009 against the British pound, it has become difficult for Ukrainian students and their families to afford British university fees. The BUCC aims to solve this problem.

We have selected, as our first candidate for funding, Karyna Nechyporuk, a brilliant 17-year old mathematics student, who last year was accepted to study at Trinity College, Cambridge University, the legendary college for mathematicians starting with Newton.

Karyna needs to raise £30,000 per year to cover her Trinity College tuition and related accommodation expenses to study mathematics for three years, in addition to the £10,000 per year that her family and she are able to pay for tuition.

Please help us to raise the funding that Karyna needs in order to take her place at Trinity College, Cambridge, and realize her opportunity. To make a donation, you may:


  • Directly make a wire transfer to our BUCC`s NatWest Bank account in London at Sort Code 50-00-00, Account Number 45217734, Ref: BUCC/Nechyporuk;


  • Directly pay by credit card to our Monzo Bank Account via our Stripe Payment Button on our BUCC Website, at, or by wire transfer to our Monzo bank account at Sort Code 04-00-04, Account Number 39114924, Ref: BUCC Student Scholarship Appeal /Nechyporuk (this account is used solely for the BUCC Student Scholarship Appeal); or


All amounts received by the BUCC will be promptly paid 100% to Trinity College, Cambridge University, by the BUCC.  There are no BUCC transaction fees or benefits whatsoever for the BUCC, or for myself as the organizer of the GoFundMe page (from Ukraine, a foreign national has to handle its creation - please note that GoFundMe itself imposes small charges). (The BUCC covers all NatWest and Monzo bank fees and expenses ourselves (which I personally guarantee), so that 100% of all donations made via these banks will be used for the Trinity College tuition and accommodation expenses of Ms. Nechyporuk. (Any money raised beyond what she needs will be similarly spent for the next Ukrainian student selected by the BUCC who needs such funding to attend a leading British university – which we will similarly announce once this funding is successful.)

We need to complete this fund raising as quickly as we can. If you would like to in participate, please make a contribution and let us know! You may contact us, including if you have any questions, at:


Telephone: +38044 490 6000

or directly contact me at

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